Height and Difficult Access

Sydney and West Painting and Rope Access can solve all your height and difficult access needs. Whether it's Residential, Strata, Industrial or Commercial in Sydney. There is no need to hire expensive scaffold or machinery.

Rope Access and Abseil Painting is a better, more cost effective and less intrusive way, to paint a residential or commercial complex in Sydney. Whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential building that requires painting or a new coating,rope access is the quickest and most effective option. Our specially trained abseil staff can access the most difficult areas at the drop of a rope. We have qualified painters within our team and a range of other experts to complete all your high rise maintenance needs.

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For getting the most out of your budget regarding tall building maintenance and painting, rope access painting or abseil painting is the way forward. Rope Access Painting or abseil painting is a better, more cost effective and less intrusive way to paint a residential or commercial complex. Painting a multi-storey building can be a huge undertaking, and when it comes to access methods such as scaffolding, elevated work platforms, your budget can be strained to the limit, before you even start. However, do not despair, our team of professionally trained personnel can abseil the exterior of your building, limiting any interruption to your tenancy and go about their work preparing and painting the building without being intrusive.

We have carried out many large and small residential and commercial high rise projects, from painting, high pressure cleaning, building maintenance and inspections and we are pleased to be able to say, that we have delivered great results, on time and on budget, for a lot less than traditional scaffolding methods. Contact us today and find out how we can reduce the cost of your next painting or high rise project.

Inspection and Remedial Work

Remedial work and inspections are carried out quickly and efficiently, often with reduced hours and more flexibility, taking advantage of the weather. When working at height and using Rope Access over traditional access methods, the equipment used (i.e. Ropes) are installed and uninstalled rapidly to ensure minimum disruption to you, the occupants of the building and the building itself. Inspections to historic buildings have a less visual impact during remedial works, therefore enabling the building to retain its visual integrity. Call us now and talk to us about how we can help you.

Building Maintenance

Sydney and West Painting and Rope Access was established to provide a safe, versatile and cost effective method for building maintenance projects through the use of rope access. Our abseiling experts are all professionally trained and provide an unrivalled level of service. We are very pro-active with our clients as we provide true and real time reports of any and all maintenance issues that we come across, whilst working on your building. Why not give us a call to discuss your buildings requirements.

Pressure Cleaning

When it comes to washing down multi story buildings or tall structures, it is hard to find a more efficient method than rope access. Sydney and West Painting and Rope Access can abseil and Pressure Wash the exterior of all types of buildings, to clean and improve your office, giving your customers great first impressions. Rope Access Pressure Washing of your building’s exterior, will allow the easy removal of every day dirt and grime deposits caused by pollution in Sydney today.  A nice attractive clean and well maintained building reflects the high standards your company promotes, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional scaffolding, booms or machinery. Sent us an email or use the contact page below to get the ball rolling.


At Sydney and West Painting and Rope Access, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of work and integrity. We realise it is sensitive working on peoples apartments, therefore we try to provide as much privacy for tenants during our time at the building. We work with building managers as well as residents to make things run as easy and as smoothly as possible. Sydney and West, Painting and Rope Access is dedication to safety and make this are our number one priority. All of our professionally trained staff work by OH&S standards and have relevant training to put safety first. Sydney and West, Painting and Rope Access friendly staff are approachable, trustworthy and their attention to detail is second to none.


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